Peth / Kothaligad

[This is an old note. The trek has already happened.]

We are planning a trek to Peth or Kothaligad on Saturday, June 16th, 2007. We'll be starting from Powai, Mumbai. Those who are interested in joining us, may register with their details here, and we'll get back.


: Peth is a fort located near Karzat; Ambivali to be precise.
: About 1550 ft
: 1 Day (not even that)
: June 16th, 2007, Saturday

The actuals. Mostly - autorickshaw, train tickets, bus tickets, chai etc. We have nothing to do with it, you spend it yourself. Read this.


  • Experienced trekkers (not like us!!) suggest that it is a relatively easy climb, and is good for beginners (like us!!). :)
  • Bhimashankar, Tungi and Siddhagad forts are visible during the climb
  • It is also called Kothaligad, primarily because, in Marathi it means "dagad kothaloon kelelaa gadh"
  • The surroundings are full of birds, and that too of various kinds

Image of the fort from peth village*

Peth ka Kila

Meet at Powai - by rick to Kanjurmarg Station - by train to Karzat - by bus to Ambivali - walking up to Peth Village (at the base) - trek to the top - climb down to Peth - walk back to Ambivali - bus/six-seater to karzat and back

Right now flexible, will update when decided.

None of us have gone here before, but we believe in exploring :)



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