Gorakhgadh, Maharashtra

[This is an old note. The trek has already happened.]

We are planning a night-trek to Gorakhgadh on Friday, June 05th 2009. We'll be starting from Andheri, Mumbai. Those who are interested in joining us, may register with their details here, and we'll get back.


: Gorakhgadh is a fort located near Murbad, Dehri.
: About 2200 ft
: 1 Night
: June 05th, 2009, Fri-Sat

The actuals. Mostly - transport, water, snacks, chai etc. Approx cost per head will come around Rs 500 only. Read this.


  • This is a night trek. The difficulty level of this trip is very subjective and mainly depends on weather conditions, physical condition, possible health problems,etc. Anyone can join us who is capable of taking care of oneself and is not suffering from any life-threatening disease. You should also be ready to pack light and be able to carry your own luggage..
  • You can read a nice blog post by an enthusiastic guy about Gorakhgadh. Gorakhgadh blog.
  • Don't forget to come up with a torch. Remember, its a night trek and match boxes doesn't last long ;-)
  • Carry your favourite energy drinks - it helps!
  • Wear comfortable full cotton casual top and full cotton trouser.
  • Wear good trek shoes.
  • Spare batteries for torch.
  • Chocolates and dry fruits as pocket snacks
  • Water bottle with water (recommended 3 lts per person)

Gorakhgadh at a glance

We have arranged for a small bus, which starts at Juhu (in front of Mithibai) at 9:00 pm sharp on 5th June. Bus will take us via Kalyan, Murbad, to Dehri. From there on we'll walk up till the base of the ridge, trek to the top, climb down to Dehri and back

Onward: 9:00pm on 5th June at Mithibai, Juhu.
Return: By early afternoon on 6th June.

None of us have gone here before, but as we said, we believe in exploring :)


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